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What  are you currently dealing with situations?

  • The manager has chosen an internal person to join his team as head of department  potential, no experience in a leadership position. Now he needs the new manager to get a new job as quickly as possible.

  • I want to get a certain (dream) position


  • I am after parental leave / longer work break and I want to work again

  • I have a difficult life situation and I need to decide what to do next

  • I am a pilot / soldier from  occupation / rescue worker and I want to find a solution in  the current situation. Although I can use the professional services offered by my employer, I would still like to discuss this situation with  someone outside about bor.

What do I offer?

Coaching session  


Consultation before a job interview or clarification of future career

IN  if the client does not know what would be in  Life wanted to do or if the client decided to change his career, I can help the client find the right steps to  future careers or work on certain skills through coaching so that the client can move in the right direction.


Consultations on return to work 

I offer consultations for people who want to return to the work process after a long break, eg after parental leave, after a longer stay in  abroad, after illness / accident.

Consultations for employees pursuing demanding professions (eg employees in  nursing professions, rescue workers, pilots, soldiers from  occupations and others) who are at risk of losing motivation or exhaustion or are in  difficult life situation.

I offer my view of them  situation with  someone outside  field.

  • I see the difference between coaching and consulting in  that in  coaching I focus on internal change, change of attitudes and v  consultation rather on finding options for what in  the situation to do

  • I offer maximum discretion in dealing with work and personal matters

  • I do not have a contract with any health insurance company or with  no employer of the above professions.

How do I coach / consult?

  1. At the first consultation, you will explain to me your problem that you want to solve.

  2. Then I will offer the client methods that I can help him solve his problems. I will explain these methods to the client.

  3. Finally, we will collect together the best possible solution in  given the situation for you and we plan specific steps by which the client will take.

Coaching session  I offer according to the client's wishes - offline or online.

Examples from  my practice:

T HE SITUATION: The manager to its team as Head of Internal chose a man with  potential, no experience in a leadership position. Then he quickly needed the new manager to get into the new position as quickly as possible.

How did coaching help the client? First I s with  she amused the client about his reasons for wanting to do the new job. We found out what he enjoys about this job and what he is afraid of. Using one of  The technician has created the milestones he wants on his managerial journey in  the first year of the position to achieve. Together we found a "guide" on how to  his case to overcome / avoid what he fears.

Result: The client has been in a managerial position for 3 years.

Situation: A client came to me in  at a time when he had had quite significant life events that I had not yet processed. He needed to realize what to do next  work and life.

How did coaching and consultations help the client? In the first session with  client, I used the EFT method, where we removed the blocks from  his traumatic experiences from  recently. In the next session, I led the client to find and realize their new values in life. By realizing them, he will be in  find new ways faster that will be in  in accordance with  himself.

Result: Today, the client has an interesting job in  original field and continues to work on himself.

Prices of services can be found here .

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