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What do skydiving and conflict solving have in common?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

For the third year, I have been showing people the way out of conflict as a professional mediator, but resolving the conflicts of others has accompanied me practically my whole life. I always try to look at the topic of conflicts from non-traditional points of view and thus bring a new perspective on the situation to my clients during mediation meetings. Today I bring a view that connects my two loves - conflict resolution and skydiving. Skydiving has been my hobby for more than 15 years and I have learned a lot during that time. Today, I also use these skills successfully in conflict resolution and mediation. How specifically?

Come to see with me:

  • Awareness. In the beginning, you often can't imagine what awaits you, how it will go. It is up to someone else, a jump instructor or mediator, to explain to you how specifically the whole activity will take place and also to point out possible pitfalls. You need someone who explain everything to you carefully, is transparent and you can trust him.

  • Keeping rules. You must follow the basic rules when skydiving and mediation. And the instructor or mediator must introduce you to them. And also pay attention to their observance throughout the activity. When jumping, it is practically a matter of life and death, but even in mediation it is also very important and it is necessary to keep it in mind.

  • The decision to go for it. Skydiving and mediation are voluntary. You can go for it, but you can also say after a while that you don't want to continue - even though you may not have reached your goal. It's up to you and you have absolute freedom in it.

  • Jump / break point. Conflict is always annoying, often frightening, but sometimes it's just the only way. You have to take that step, say "I don't agree" or take a breath and jump.

  • Flight. And then it's up to you. You are in a free space where almost anything is possible. Of course, only with your involvement. But suddenly you can realize new perspectives and possibilities.

  • End. Skydiving and mediation have their goal. In a jump, it is a successful landing, in mediation a successfully resolved dispute. Sometimes the landing can be pretty hard and it's not pleasant. But it always depends a lot on what you put into it and how big your will was to actually agree.

  • Overview. During the jump, you see the ground through the lens of birds, while during mediation, the view of the other party opens up to you. Thanks to this overview, it is possible to find solutions that have not been seen until then.

Skydiving and mediation sometimes bring me a lot of adrenaline situations, but I can no longer imagine my life without them. And I am happy to meet you during these activities.

Would you like to go to mediation?

You can contact me by phone +420 737 234 142 or by e-mail:

Do you want to know more about mediation?

And skydiving? If you want to try it, it's up to you.

I am looking forward to meeting you - on the phone, in the office or at the airport!

Renata Leflerová

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