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Explanation of terms

NLP  - Neurolinguistic programming 

It was created as a psychotherapeutic method in the 1970s. Its authors are the mathematician, programmer and psychologist Richard Bandler and the linguist John Grinder.

NLP connects the brain, language, and programming so that our consciousness and unconsciousness "work better for us." One of  One area where it is widely used is coaching.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

The technique of emotional freedom is one of the methods of energy psychology that very effectively combine work on the psyche with the physical body. As a result, they usually achieve great results quickly in eliminating physical or mental problems.

I use this method, for example, in  work with  fear of public speaking or in  situations where the client wants to get rid of a habit that does not suit him or wherever this technique can move the client further to  solving it, p  how he came to me.

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