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My name is Renata Leflerová and I enjoy working with people . After graduating from university, I worked in large companies as HR Consultant and HR Manager.

Once again, I was dealing with an employee's problems at work, and it occurred to me that this was another of the many cases where we, as a company, deal with consequences, not causes.

And thanks to the fact that I often resolved conflicts, I found out that there is also a means of resolving them - a mediation (a way of out-of-court settlement of conflicts). At first it was conflicts in the work environment. And from there it was only a step to resolving labor, business or civil conflicts as a mediator.


Today I work as  Specialist for Human Resources and Conflict Resolution with employees  for large and small companies and a Regestered Mediator in  register kept with the Ministry of Justice .


In consultations, I help companies and the people in them to move according to their possibilities. I combine experience from large companies and common sense. I know what is required by law in individual areas of employee care  - and I suggest as simple as possible  path for the client . I am happy where a company can operate without big processes, And, where necessary, I can recommend a simple process, 

I also work as an HR Expert for airlines in the Czech Republic and abroad. It is another of my heartfelt affairs, where I combine my professionalism and lifelong hobby.


In mediation, I show people the way from conflict to cooperation - because I believe that with an agreement they can gain much more in life.


  • When working with a client, I offer complete discretion.

  • During mediation, as a registered mediator, I am bound by secrecy.

  • I work in Prague, Plzeň and České Budějovice, but I can also come elsewhere - by agreement with clients.

  • I provide consultations and mediation according to the agreement with the client - offline and online.


As a mediator, I cooperate with  



This organization supports families caring for a dependent or children with a mental illness.

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