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... or the path from conflict to cooperation

What are you currently working on the situation?

  • At work, they hired a new colleague for the position of head of department, with whom I have to work closely - we did not sit down together, but I do not want to leave the company because of her.

  • Neighbors mind our wall, which we have built between plots, but we want privacy. They complain about us at all possible institutions.

  • We are divorcing and we can no longer sit together at the table and make a reasonable agreement.

  • Or something else where you can no longer agree with someone yourself, but you don't want to judge.

What do I offer?

Mediation is a way of resolving a conflict, where 2 parties come together and find the best possible solutions with the participation of a mediator.

In which cases is mediation appropriate?
Wherever both parties want to agree.


You can find more details about mediation HERE


In what area do I act as a mediator? ​​
  • Labor disputes - relations between employer and employee, between employees; between the employer and the trade union

  • Civil disputes - eg neighborly relations

  • Business disputes - relations between supplier and customer

  • Disputes with a public element -  eg with a state administration or self-government body, etc.

How does mediation work?

  1. Contact me one by one. After finding out the area of the conflict, I contact the other side.

  2. If both parties are interested, we will agree on a specific date and place for the meeting.

  3. At the meeting, the parties first explain the situation they want to resolve (each party from its point of view), and with the help of a mediator resolves their situation in order not to find a suitable solution for both parties.

  4. Finally, they can write a mediation agreement. This agreement is also drawn up by the participants in the mediation together with the mediator, and the participants then take the agreement away.

I offer mediation according to the client's wishes - offline or online.

The first meeting with the mediator ordered by the court

that is, the court may order a meeting with the mediator - but only this one.

The goal of the first meeting with a registered mediator is NOT to mediate.

You can find more details about the ordered meeting HERE

How is the ordered meeting with the mediator?

  1. At the beginning, I inform the participants about what mediation is, how it takes place

  2. I will let the participants briefly describe their situation and ideas about mediation and answer additional questions.

  3. Finally, I let the participants decide if they want mediation .

Mediation consultations

It is an information meeting lasting about 60 minutes, where I explain what mediation is, the principles of mediation, the reasons why it could help the participants, etc. The participants of this meeting can ask anything related to mediation,

Examples from my practice:


Situation: We adopted a new colleague for the position of head of department, he should cooperate with the second department head. Both women had different views on the activities of the departments they controlled and communication was stuck. This started to make mistakes that hit customers. Both employees were interested in the company.

How did mediation help clients?  With the help of mediation techniques, the employees sought a solution to their situation. The mediator helped them find out what they agreed on and where they both benefited the company.

Result: Both colleagues clarified the situation and found a way to work together.



Situation: The couple in the village wanted to drill a well on their land and the neighbors in the village had big reservations and complained to the relevant state authorities. Although the builders met all the conditions, they were not able to agree with neighbors. It was not a matter of going to court, but they were delayed by delays.

How did mediation help clients? The builders and neighbors met with the participation of a mediator and an expert in hydrogeology. Using communication and mediation techniques, they found a solution to the situation.

Result: The neighbors understood that they had no problem with this well and did not appeal further against the authorities' decision. This allowed the builders to begin drilling work. Today, they have a well drilled and relations with neighbors are slowly returning to the time before their decision to drill a well.

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