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What are you currently solving in a company situation?

  • Are you missing HR Manager in your company but don't you have a job for him/ her 40 hours a week?

  • Do you have a shortage or surplus of employees in the current situation and do you want to reach optimal status quickly?

  • Do you need to make organizational changes quickly, but don't know what you need in summary?

  • Do you need to optimize the benefits / remuneration / training of employees so that you do not lose a competitive advantage and at the same time save money?

  • Do you have further questions in the field of employee care?

What do I offer?

HR Manager for a few days a week

Each company has no application to HR Manager at full-time. I can become such a colleague for part-time or time-limited projects. I am happy to work with you to address issues related to employee management in the company.


HR Interim management

If your company has a problem with people - and do not know why (or know but do not know how this problem to solve out), I can state for a limited period of time your HR Manager or Advisor and make you change your dreams.  

HR Expert for companies in Aviation

In cooperation with airlines I offer organizing the recruitment of pilots and stewards or solves other issues related to the management of people in the airline and companies engaged in aviation. More about these services HERE .

Consulting in Organizational Changes

I help companies find a way out in the restructuring of teams or companies.

And together with the client, I find answers to the questions: How to inform employees that organizational changes will take place or the company is closing down? What all and to which authorities should the termination be notified?  How to help employees find a new job?  

Consulting in Communication with the Trade Unions

If the client has a trade union or a council of employees, I can help the client prepare for the meeting.  

Cooperation in recruiting new colleagues or subordinates

Together with the client, I find answers to the questions: What is important when choosing a specific job position? 

I am preparing a specific selection procedure (from external or internal candidates) in the form of guided interviews or the Assessment Center, according to the client's wishes I also offer professional diagnostics (HOGAN).

Cooperation on employee training

Together with the client, I prepare an education strategy or tailor-made training in Soft Skills or Human Resources..


Cooperation onHR Strategy, Processes, Documents 

Together with the client, I create an HR strategy or individual processes. I also prepare labor-law documents according to the employer's requirements.


Facilitation of meetings or important meetings

From my own experience, I know that when people meet to deal with conceptual issues, it is beneficial for someone from outside to lead the meeting (according to pre-arranged rules, which will be communicated to all participants at the beginning of the meeting) and all participants can fully attend. specific proposals.

As a facilitator, I then lead the negotiations on their behalf and direct the group towards predetermined goals.


How does it work?

  1. On the first consultation I will do with  interview you to find out where you are and what you need.

  2. Then I will analyze this situation and suggest possible solutions for you in  the situation.

  3. Finally, we will jointly select the best possible solution for you and plan specific steps.

I offer consultations according to the client's wishes - offline or online.

Prices of services can be found here .

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