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"I am the owner and managing director of Tree Factory, a sustainable fashion brand that we want to further develop, and we were looking for the right person for the position of Operations Manager. For some time I searched alone or addressed recommended people, but I was not satisfied.

Then I found Renata Leflerová on the portal After a few short video conferences, we defined the position and Renata pre-selected the candidates who applied to us in various ways.

And the result? Instead of one operations manager, I have 2 people who, thanks to their experience, are already supporting the team. And I believe that together we will not only be able to increase sales and improve marketing and customer service, but also to introduce the production of this brand in the Czech Republic, no later than next year. And since we have more than enough work to do, it is clear to me that we will address Renata again next time.

I will be happy to recommend her services. Just don't expect Renata to do just what you want - sometimes you get more than you wanted and it's up to you what you do with it. 

Daniel Kužela ~ Managing Director Summer & Myles

"I have repeatedly worked with Mrs Lefler on the issue of family conflict mediation. At the time I used her services, the situation on both sides was very tense, family matters and very personal issues where emotions played a big role. Nevertheless, Mrs Lefler we managed to direct and direct our conversation always back to the topic and always grab the specific thing that could be built on.

During the mediation, Mrs. Lefler remained completely impartial and tried, despite strong emotions, to give both sides equal space. Even though it was a complex problem, where each of the parties took a conflicting position, we still managed to reach a partial amicable result, which helped us to move towards a solution in our conflict. During this process, Ms. Lefler showed a great deal of patience, empathy and a professional approach. "

Client Radka

"Although I have a functioning company and good relations with employees, I wanted to have basic documents that I will refer to in employment contracts. Renata prepared new models of employment contracts and employment rules for us, which correspond to our specific conditions. Cooperation with Renata in the field of HR I can only recommend."

Pavel Štěpka

"In 2019, we needed to undergo an international quality audit as a company and at the same time we expanded the team of people who work for us. We turned to Renata Leflerová to help us set up basic processes for working with employees in accordance with Czech law. documents that took into account the specific environment of airline suppliers and trained our employees in new human resources processes. Thanks to these steps, we have created a team of professionals and successfully passed quality audits. I recommend Renata as an HR professional. "

E vgeny Kornilov, CEO, RBK AVIATION

" In 2018, our company and the market grew and we had a problem recruiting and retaining quality people. We wanted to continue working as a 'bigger family', but it was no longer possible. That's why we started working with Renata Lefler, who helped us set up the basic processes. in recruitment, remuneration and people management, so that we started to work according to the set rules, but at the same time the human approach did not disappear.

Ing. Petr Bílek,

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