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Mediation is a way of resolving a conflict, where 2 parties come together and find the best possible solutions with the participation of a mediator.

  • The parties (NOT the mediator) are responsible for reaching an agreement.

  • One mediation meeting is a maximum of 3 hours. If both parties want to continue mediation, they agree on another date.

  • In the event of failure to reach an agreement through mediation, it is always possible to proceed to a judicial solution.


Principles of mediation:

Volunteering. You are at the mediation meeting voluntarily throughout the mediation. If you do not want to continue, you can leave at any time.


Secrecy. The mediator is bound by secrecy about the facts that the participants deal with during the mediation meeting.


The impartiality of the mediator.  At the beginning of the mediation, the mediator declares  that he does not know either party and is not related to any of the parties. If the fact is different, he is obliged to inform both parties about this fact.



Who is the mediator?

A mediator is a person who knows the techniques of mediation and can use them. It provides a framework for the meeting and leads the parties to a solution. It is independent / neutral towards both parties.


Where is mediation appropriate?
Wherever both parties want to agree.

Advantages of mediation:

  • It can be agreed in a short period of time in the horizon of 1 month

  • Significantly cheaper solution than the court

  • The parties can have more influence on the result 

  • By finding the best possible solutions for both of them, the parties can communicate with each other in the future after the end of the conflict.

  • Less stress burden compared to the court

The first meeting with the mediator ordered by the court

Court can order only one meeting, the other meetings are voluntary.

The aim of the first meeting with a registered mediator is:

  • Explain to the participants what mediation is for and how it could help them

  • Answer participants with possible questions about mediation.

The goal of the first meeting with a registered mediator IS NOT  provide a mediation.

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