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HR Manager in a small company - How to employ an expert?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

A full-time job may not always be the best solution when you need to have a good HR Manager in your small company.

Recently, I see a lot of ads announcing that the company is looking for an experienced HR Manager and in the requirements I read " 2 years of experience .." and in the job description something like "attendance administration, management training in soft skills, taking care of the professional growth of employees...." I often see this situation in small companies between 50 and 150 people, simply where they need someone to take care of employees, but also administration. Someone who would be a partner of the management but also can fill the attendance sheet of Pepa Novák, brew coffee and organize a drink after work....

When I talk to representatives of such companies, I often hear that they need someone like that, but they have already been mistaken twice in someone and how difficult it is to find someone. In today's HR market, you can find people who enjoy administration and relationships, but usually such a person cannot train management or colleagues – simply because it requires different knowledge and skills.

Rather than to complain that this is not possible, that the administration is imperfect, the training is of poor quality and no one can give qualified advice to employees – why not find another solution?

How about trying the model of an external HR Manager in combination with an HR Administrator?

You will specify your requirements regarding your colleagues/ subordinates development, time allocation per week needed, or which time such a person should respond to any labor law requirements. HR Administrator would only deal with attendance or administrative tasks.

And when the company grows (and thus the demands on the position), this model can change and hire a full-time person.

Are you interested in the details of possible cooperation?

How to find such an external HR manager and what can be expected from him?

You can contact me by phone +420 737 234 142 or by e-mail:

For more information look at: .

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Renata Leflerová


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