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Online mediation – how to use it?

What to do if we are not able to communicate and we cannot meet in person? Use online mediation.

Mediation is one of the ways of out-of-court dispute resolution. It is a process where the parties meet with the mediator and look for the most appropriate way to deal with the situation. See more in the article HERE.

Sometimes it just happens to us that we are not able to communicate with someone. If we need to resolve this situation quickly and cannot meet the other party and the mediator in person, we can meet in the online space. This is what online mediation is for.

In which situations can online mediation be used?

When a meeting in person is feasible.

What do we need for online mediation?

  • Functional computer

  • High-quality internet connection (so that we do not miss the important moments of the meeting)

  • Link to the online room sent to us by the online mediation organiser

  • Willingness to go into new things

How does online mediation work?

  • One of the conflicted parties contacts the mediator, who then approaches the other conflicted parties with an offer of a mediation.

  • If both parties agree to participate in a mediation, the mediator sets the mediation date.

  • The mediator sends the conflicted parties a link to the online room.

  • All participants in the mediation, i.e. both the conflicted parties and the mediator, click on the link at the specified time and join the online room.

  • The mediation meeting can only begin after all participants have registered.

  • In this space, of course, it is possible to work with each conflicted party separately in the so-called separate negotiations.

  • One mediation meeting usually lasts 3 hours. If the conflicted parties do not come to an agreement and want to continue mediation, they agree on another date.

  • If the conflicted parties to the mediation reach an agreement, this agreement may be drawn up in writing. If the case has to be decided by a court, it often takes into account the results contained in the mediation agreement (e.g. the regime of children after the divorce of the parents).

  • Parties to mediation can send comments on the agreement by e-mail. If they agree with the text, they can sign it one by one or meet only to sign the agreement.

Advantages of Online Mediation:

  • Conflicted parties in online mediation do not have to travel anywhere, they can only join where it is convenient for them and where it saves time and money on travel.

  • Conflicted parties in online mediation can find an appointment for an online meeting earlier – and thus find a solution to the conflict earlier.

  • For conflicted parties who have strained relations with each other and still want to come to an agreement, online mediation is an option not to meet in person, but to resolve things.

In the case of online mediation, the same rules apply as in a face-to-face mediation meeting.

Who is responsible for what in an online mediation?

The mediator is responsible for the process, i.e. that:

  • The conflicted parties are given the appropriate link to the online room.

  • The conflicted parties will be given as much space to communicate their views of the conflict.

  • During mediation, the conflicted parties will not interrupt each other and will listen to each other.

  • He/she leads the conflicted parties to find a solution to the conflict.

The parties are responsible for:

  • Communicating important facts pertaining to the conflict

  • Following the mediator's instructions

  • Finding solutions suitable for both conflicted parties

You can find out why online mediation is preferred to court proceedings in the article HERE.

In the event of failure to reach an agreement through online mediation, it is always possible to proceed to a solution through the court.

Would you like to go to mediation?

You can contact me by phone +420 737 234 142 or by e-mail:

Do you want to know more about mediation?

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Renata Leflerová

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