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Smart Restructuring in SME

Updated: May 15, 2022

Do you also think that you are somehow managing it at this time? And you don't want to hear about restructuring? Somehow, we can do it...

Either you manage to reach into a completely new segment, you enter into a contract with a new customer – and this is exactly what you wanted to do a long time ago, or it will be time to look at the employees and make the first encounter with reality.

How? I'm not going to describe the theory to you here. But I want to look at this topic with you practically. I believe that you do not need complex theories, but rather a simple overview, which I offer you now.

How? I'm not going to describe the theory to you here. But I want to look at this topic with you practically. I believe that you do not need complex theories, but rather a simple overview, which I offer you now.

· Start by reviewing each employee's Job description or a document describing what each employee should do.

· What if they are not up to date? Update them, simplify them. Maybe you only wrote them for some certification that the company needed in the past. Now you can just dust them off and update them.

· What if you don't have them? Maybe you are a small company, and at the beginning of the business you did not want to write them, because the individual positions were still developing rapidly – but even so, there will definitely be a document in your company where it is written which part of the company does what. So at least proceed from that it. If you find it useful to have descriptions of individual job positions during this activity, write them down.

· Have you found job descriptions and looked at what your employees are actually doing? Does it correspond to reality? Do you still need these employees?

· Super! The first check is over. And we move on.

· Divide the employees into groups "We need them now" / "We don't need them now"

· It's also good to look at what the morale of employees was at a time when the whole company was in challenging situations. These situations will test employees better than any psychological test.. Do you want to continue to be with these employees? If yes, you have your answer ...

· If NOT? If I don't need a person on the work side and his attitude is not a good fit, I recommend saying goodbye to him. Politely, according to the law, but say goodbye.

· With the "We need them now" group, this is clear. Let them know that you're still counting with them going forward. Even these employees may be worried about a job with you and may even accept an offer from another company. Fear is not always a good counsel.

· With the "We don't need them now" group, it's a good idea to look at whether employees with this qualification are easy or difficult to find in your local job market.

· What if our employees are a perfect fit, but we don't have a job for them? This is a challenge for any good entrepreneur who cares about his employees, as well as for a good HR manager.

· Here it always pays to deal with each such employee individually. It is often worthwhile to find a position that the employee could perform after further training. It's not about keeping someone at all costs, but appreciating people who have done something for the company and giving them a chance elsewhere within the company. With knowledge, the employee can shift - learn a lot of things, but the character traits do not change. If a company builds on loyalty from its employees – it cannot be learned. And with other qualities, it's the same – you either have them or you don't.

· That is why any organizational change is challenging. When an organizational change is supposed to bring something to the company, it's hard to do it well from the table in the style: "we need 30% fewer people and do it as you want". You have to think about what you want to do next with the company and think about individual employees.

· New times sometimes require other points of view, and the fact that you have been looking for a person somewhere for half a year, we have also paid a commission for him to a recruitment agency – and now you find that we have no use for him? It's hard to say, "We're going to release him – even with severance pay." And it's even harder to take that step where you hired half of the employees yourself because you didn't have anyone to do it, so you know all these people and often their families. I know it's hard and the more you build your business as a family business, the harder it is to make those decisions.

· And sometimes it's better not to be alone in such decisions. If you need help with a "smart restructuring", contact me. I have a wealth of experience with restructuring, and employees are not numbers on paper for me. I can propose restructuring with respect to the company and employees.

Are you interested in the details of a possible cooperation?

How to find such an external HR manager and what can be expected from him?

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